CMS's Updated Financial Guidelines for Community Spouses in 2020

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have just released their guidelines regarding the “community spouse” for 2020. A “community Spouse” is the spouse of a Medicaid recipient who is living in a nursing home. There is an allowance threshold that applies to the community spouse, known as the CSRA or community spouse resource allowance […]

Is a Pre Paid Funeral Plan Right for You?

As we get older, and perhaps have to plan a funeral for a loved one ourselves, many people are thinking far ahead and planning and pre-paying for their own funerals. If you have had to go through the process of planning a funeral for a loved one that has passed, you know how difficult it […]

The Survivor Assistance Handbook- A Book Review

This compact guide was written by Certified Financial Planner Mark R. Colgan out of his personal experience. He was overwhelmed by a “mountain of financial details” following his own wife’s passing and felt that if he as a financial expert was having difficulty, then other people surely would be as well. While he admits it […]

Discussing Long-Term Care Planning With Aging Parents

Trying to start the discussion of long-term care planning with your aging parents can be difficult for everyone even if they have the best of relationships. Generally speaking, the conversation is better started in a familiar place such as the parent’s home. Transparency among children is always preferable as long as it is in the […]