States With the Highest and Lowest Assisted Living Costs

         Today, 58 million adults in the United States are 65 and older. Seniors make up more than 17 percent of the American population. The U.S. Census Bureau expects this number to reach 83.7 million by 2050. Meanwhile, one in every seven older adults must rely on long-term care services in their later years. As a result, […]

Avoiding Property Tax Foreclosures for Older Adults

         If you are a homeowner falling behind on your real estate taxes, you may face foreclosure on your property. Because your property taxes hinge on the value of your property, you may find your taxes rising beyond what you can afford. Before your situation becomes more serious, be sure to educate yourself. Get a […]

Poor Doctor Communication Can Negate End-of-Life Planning

When seriously ill patients are nearing the end of life, they and their families sometimes find it difficult to decide whether to continue medical treatment and, if so, how much treatment is wanted and for how long. In these instances, patients rely on their physicians or other trusted health professionals for guidance. In the best […]

Survey Uncovers Caregiver Support Needs, Possible Solutions

November is National Family Caregivers Month, a time to honor the more than 50 million unsung heroes who support their older loved ones in aging with dignity and grace. Many family caregivers are working caregivers; they have a primary occupation in addition to caring for an aging loved one. Choosing to work while also providing […]

What To Do When a Loved One Passes Away

While the exact rules of estate planning differ from state to state, the key actions include: While some of these steps can be avoided through trusts or joint ownership arrangements, whoever is left in charge still has to pay all debts, file tax returns, and distribute the property to the rightful heirs.  We have created […]

Do Caregiver Duties Help Older Women Live Longer?

         Despite the considerable stress of serving as an unpaid caregiver, a new study suggests that caring for a loved one may increase longevity among older women. The findings, published in The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, revealed that women who said they were taking care of a loved one regularly had a mortality rate […]

Are You a Family Caregiver? New Bill Seeks to Lower Costs

         The recently proposed legislation seeks to offer financial relief for unpaid family caregivers. Introduced in November 2023, the Lowering Costs for Caregivers Act of 2023 is the result of a bipartisan effort to lessen the costs of family caregiving. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has also endorsed the bill. If the act becomes law, it will […]

Reasons Veterans Miss Out on Veteran Disability Benefits

         More than 18 million American military veterans live in the United States today. To address the needs of this population, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.) has expanded health, education, home loan, and other veteran benefits over the years. V.A. disability payments are one of the most common entitlements veterans overlook. However, they […]

How the Housing Crisis Affects Older Adults

         Americans are not only living longer, but the number of people aged 65 and older is also growing. It’s a trend that will continue over the next decade. Longevity among seniors raises major questions, including how aging people will be able to continue to afford housing and receive support in their later years. A […]

Medicaid Estate Recovery and Medicaid Payback Rules

         Federal law requires each state to attempt to recover long-term care benefits from Medicaid recipient’s estates after their death. This is known as Medicaid estate recovery. If a Medicaid recipient had failed to protect their house, it may need to be sold to settle the claim. Who Does the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program (MERP) Affect? […]