How Much is a Community Spouse Protected Financially in 2019?

By definition, the “community spouse” is the spouse of Medicaid recipient that is living in a nursing home. There is a certain amount of money the community spouse is allowed to keep without it endangering the recipients’ eligibility. This is where asset protection is important to explore with a qualified attorney. They can help with […]

Medicaid for Home Care?

Did you know that all fifty states cover at least a portion of home care? It makes sense although many people may not realize that this an option. It is historically cheaper than a nursing home and as we showed you in an earlier post, family members can be reimbursed as caregivers. Since Medicaid is […]

Will Medicaid Pay You As a Family Caregiver?

When it comes to being the caregiver of a spouse, parent, child or another family member we usually don’t think of it as something we should be compensated for. It is seen as just something that you do if you are able to because, well, that is what family does right? Obviously, it is another […]

What Giving Away Money or Property Can Do to Your Medicaid Eligibility

Any and all transfers of money or property, no matter how big or small, are at risk for coming under scrutiny during the Medicaid look-back period of five years. Whether it is a charitable donation or holiday gift, the rules still apply however there are some instances that are exempt. Read on to find out […]

Don't let Medicaid misconceptions lead to tragic consequences.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to what happens when a client applies for Medicaid. In this case, it was misconstrued that the patient, who needed full time care, would lose her home that she shared with her daughter and granddaughter if she applied for and received Medicaid benefits. How could this tragedy have […]