When Does Someone Need Financial Guardianship?

         When individuals cannot manage their finances, courts can appoint guardians. Financial guardianship is for those who need help handling money. Financial guardianship may also be called guardianship of the estate or conservatorship depending on the jurisdiction. In cases where individuals need help with personal and financial decisions, the court can order guardianship of the […]

Ending Guardianship of an Adult

         While a guardian can support the protected person by making important decisions, in some cases, an individual may wish to change or dissolve the arrangement. The ward, their family, or other involved people might feel that the guardian is not doing a good job. They may then petition the court for the removal of […]

What Are the Ward’s Rights in a Guardianship?

Older people may need a trusted individual to step in and manage their affairs, should they ever suffer debilitating health problems like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and strokes. Guardianship can provide protection and assistance with certain decisions for an incapacitated individual — known as a “ward” — who may become unable to make decisions or advocate […]