Social Security- Is There a Right and a Wrong Time to Collect?

Knowing when to claim social security can be a confusing scenario. Many would be retirees don’t realize the repercussions of collecting too early. “The consequences of claiming Social Security too early can be big. The report found that collecting benefits at the wrong time causes retirees to collectively lose $3.4 trillion in potential income (an […]

Is a Pre Paid Funeral Plan Right for You?

As we get older, and perhaps having to plan a funeral for a loved one ourselves, many people are thinking far ahead and planning and pre-paying for their own funerals. If you have had to go through the process of planning a funeral for a loved one that has passed, you know how difficult it […]

How Can I Keep my Home Safe from Medicaids’ Grip

A common perception of applying for Medicaid and moving into a nursing home is that you will lose your home. While you aren’t required to sell your home to qualify for Medicaid nursing home care, the state could potentially make a claim against your house upon your passing. People’s first inclination is often to give […]

New Tax Laws and the Implications it May Have on Your Estate Plan

When people create an estate plan, often times they fail to realize that it is a living entity and as such needs to be updated as your life progresses and changes. While the majority of estate plans do not have to worry about paying the federal estate tax, this shouldn’t be an excuse from determining […]

What are the Rules for Your IRA Upon Death?

Inheriting an IRA means that different rules apply to various circumstances as in the case of a spouse versus non-spousal beneficiaries. Regardless of who is inheriting the IRA, the heir must take the RMD (required minimum distribution) for the year the account owner died. The full RMD must be withdrawn by December 31 in the […]

Be Wary of the "Responsible Party" Wording in a Nursing Home Agreement!

While federal regulations prevent nursing homes from requiring a third-party to be personally liable as a condition of admission, “responsible party” isn’t always clearly denied and can have costly implications if taken in the wrong context. Generally, the responsible parties role is to make sure that the nursing home bill is paid by the resident and, […]