Have you Planned Your Celebration of Life?

Okay so we’re happy you are reading this- we understand there are a million things out there you’d instead be reading- heck doing- other than reading about the importance of planning your funeral. First of all, calling it a “Celebration of Life” makes it less morbid and more comfortable for people to relate to (think […]

When Things Fall Apart by Smilie G. Rogers, Esq.

The last couple of weeks we have been preparing tax returns, preparing MaineCare applications, and dealing with client matters when things fall apart generally. Here are some observations from the field at the end of a long day: Getting financial institutions to recognize powers of attorney can be a real struggle. Is your power of […]

Will Medicaid Pay You As a Family Caregiver?

When it comes to being the caregiver of a spouse, parent, child or another family member we usually don’t think of it as something we should be compensated for. It is seen as just something that you do if you are able to because, well, that is what family does right? Obviously, it is another […]

How to Handle a Loved One that has Dementia… and also owns Firearms

No matter what side of the gun debate you are on, this is an important topic to discuss especially here in Maine because of people’s avid love of all things outdoors including hunting and target shooting; let alone our constitutional right to bear arms. The best thing to do is talk about firearms before they […]

Discussing Long-Term Care Planning With Aging Parents

Trying to start the discussion of long-term care planning with your aging parents can be difficult for everyone even if they have the best of relationships. Generally speaking, the conversation is better started in a familiar place such as the parent’s home. Transparency among children is always preferable as long as it is in the […]

The Importance of Planning for Long Term Care

No one wants to think so far ahead when they may need assistance later in life. The need for long-term care planning is more important than ever because people are living longer. The high cost of care coupled with the possible absence of family members available to provide the type of care needed means the […]

Navigating through sibling disputes over Power of Attorney

A parent is under no obligation to tell who they have appointed or why. This can lead to the other sibling feeling slighted or resentful. There are some things that are beyond the reach of a Power of Attorney such as the Agent can’t bar the sibling from seeing their parent and it terminates at […]