The Difference Between Elder Law and Estate Planning

Elder law and estate planning serve two different — but equally vital — functions. The main difference is that elder law is focused on preserving your assets during your lifetime, while estate planning concentrates on what happens to your assets after you die.  What is Elder Law Planning? Elder law planning is concerned with ensuring […]

Elder Financial Abuse by Family Caregivers

Older adults lose an estimated $20 billion each year from financial abuse by family, friends, and caregivers. In many cases, the perpetrators of elder financial abuse are not strangers but trusted individuals, often family members. When victims discover exploitation, they can face challenges navigating complex interpersonal relationships. A recent webinar hosted by the National Center on […]

Elder Financial Abuse: How an Elder Law Attorney Can Help

         Elder financial abuse is a significant issue affecting many older adults nationwide. It involves someone exploiting or misusing an older person’s finances or assets for personal gain. Often, the perpetrator is in a position of trust, be it a family member, abusive partner, or paid caregiver. Recovering from elder financial abuse, both financially and […]

Claiming the Guardianship of an Elderly Parent

Often, an aging parent will lose their ability to think clearly or make informed decisions about their life. This may occur because of dementia, mental illness, stroke, brain injury, or other severe health or disability conditions. Your parent may or may not have prepared for their elder years with a durable financial and medical power of […]

11 Questions to Ask an Elder Law Attorney

         Elder law encompasses a wide range of legal matters that affect older individuals. Attorneys who practice elder law advocate for seniors and execute legal plans to assist them in living better lives. Their expertise may encompass estate planning, retirement planning, Social Security planning, and long-term medical care planning. This specialty of the legal profession […]

Older Adults Are Failing at Retirement Planning, Study Shows

         Research by the American College of Financial Services illuminates the need for improving retirement financial literacy. The 2023 Retirement Income Literacy Study revealed that most adults ages 50 to 75 lack knowledge about retirement income, which can lead to a lack of confidence about achieving the best possible retirement outcomes. Just 15 percent of […]

Elder Law: Can Medicaid Take Your House?

Nursing home residents do not automatically have to sell their homes to qualify for Medicaid. However, that does not necessarily mean the house is entirely safe from estate recovery. The state will likely put a lien on the house while the resident is living and then attempt to recover the property after the resident has […]

Which States Have the Best Protections Against Elder Abuse?        

The United States Census Bureau predicts that the nation’s population of older adults nationwide will have doubled from 49.2 million in 2016 to 94.7 million in 2060. As the population grows as well as ages, elder abuse remains a significant concern. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 10 percent of older adults experience some form of abuse […]

What Is Elder Abuse? Elder Law Q&A

         Ten percent of adults 65 and older experience elder abuse each year, according to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). Elder abuse happens when a caregiver or another trusted individual causes physical, mental, or financial harm to an older adult by an act or omission. Types of Elder Abuse Abuse of an elder may encompass financial […]

Notarizing Documents for Seniors With a Dementia Diagnosis

         An Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis can be a challenging journey for the person and family alike. When the diagnosis occurs, a ticking clock begins on the timeline for proper and sound notarizations for crucial legal documents. What Does It Mean to Get a Document Notarized? According to the National Notary Association, having a document notarized […]