Ending Guardianship of an Adult

         While a guardian can support the protected person by making important decisions, in some cases, an individual may wish to change or dissolve the arrangement. The ward, their family, or other involved people might feel that the guardian is not doing a good job. They may then petition the court for the removal of […]

10 Ways the Elderly Can Avoid Financial Abuse

Increased dependency due to illness, disability, or cognitive impairments can make seniors susceptible to financial abuse. Nest eggs accumulated over decades also often make seniors attractive targets for financial predators, whether the predator is a bogus offshore sweepstake or a care provider who sees an opportunity to be paid more than an hourly wage. Just […]

The Comprehensive New Law to Combat Elder Abuse

1 in 10 Americans over the age of sixty have experienced some form of elder abuse. Elder abuse isn’t just physical but financial as well. The Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act of 2017 authorizes the federal government to: Implement an Elder Abuse Coordinator at the DOJ, Federal Trade Commission, and Federal Judicial Districts. Provide […]

Where Does Maine Fall in The Ranking for Instances of Elder Abuse?

Abuse is abhorrent no matter who it happens to however it seems to strike a real nerve when it involves the most vulnerable members of our society which would arguably be children and senior citizens. As reported on by the National Council on Aging, approximately 1 in 10 sixty-plus-year-olds have experienced elder abuse however it […]