What Is the Difference Between a Will and a Trust?

         Everyone has heard the terms will and trust, but not everyone knows the differences between the two. Both are useful estate planning tools, serving different purposes. They can work together to create a complete estate plan. Will vs Trust: When They Go Into Effect One main difference between a will and a trust is that a will goes […]

What You Should Know About Prepaid Funeral Plans

         How Much Are Funeral Costs in the United States? Funerals rank among the most expensive purchases many consumers will ever make. As of 2023, the median cost of a traditional funeral, with casket and burial, was $8,300. The average cost varies depending on where you live as well. Data from 2024 shows that average funeral costs (for […]

Medicare’s Hospice Benefit: Little Known, Little Used

Coping with a terminal illness can be a difficult enough experience without having to worry about pain management, medication costs, and assistance with caregiving. Surprisingly, many Medicare beneficiaries are unaware that Medicare’s all-inclusive Hospice Benefit is available to assist dying patients and their families with these issues at the end of life. The hospice benefit […]

Elder Financial Abuse: How an Elder Law Attorney Can Help

         Elder financial abuse is a significant issue affecting many older adults nationwide. It involves someone exploiting or misusing an older person’s finances or assets for personal gain. Often, the perpetrator is in a position of trust, be it a family member, abusive partner, or paid caregiver. Recovering from elder financial abuse, both financially and […]

End-of-Life Care Decision Making

Just as we create estate plans for our eventual demise, we also need to plan ahead for the possibility that we could become sick and unable to make our own medical decisions. Medical science has led to much-improved technology that can keep patients alive longer. As a result of many well-publicized “right to die” cases, […]

How Social Security Overpayment Rules Are Changing

         With a new commissioner at the helm, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has announced several policy changes recently. In late March 2024, the SSA issued news regarding how it handles overpayments to Social Security recipients. Can Social Security Take Your Whole Check for Overpayment? By law, the SSA is required to attempt to recoup any overpayments it […]

Claiming the Guardianship of an Elderly Parent

Often, an aging parent will lose their ability to think clearly or make informed decisions about their life. This may occur because of dementia, mental illness, stroke, brain injury, or other severe health or disability conditions. Your parent may or may not have prepared for their elder years with a durable financial and medical power of […]

Promoting Healthy Aging During Financial Literacy Month

         April marks Financial Literacy Month, an excellent time to improve your financial literacy. Gaining financial savvy can help you handle the challenges and complexities of aging. Although sometimes overlooked, financial literacy is a critical component of aging well. It promotes economic freedom, helping you afford care and housing as you age. Understanding money matters also […]

Survey Highlights High Costs of Long-Term Care in 2023

You may not foresee ever needing assistance with your day-to-day life. However, research shows that seven in 10 adults aged 65 and older will require long-term care at some point in their later years. Meanwhile, the U.S. population continues to age rapidly. Americans aged 65 or older are on track to total 82 million in the next […]

Seniors and Caregivers: Establish an Emergency Action Plan

For seniors and their caregivers, having a plan in place should an emergency strike can provide some peace of mind in a turbulent world. A crisis, such as illness, trauma, natural disaster, or any other unexpected adverse event, may one day require you to act quickly and decisively. Thinking and adapting can be particularly difficult […]