Other Services

Trustee Services


We offer trustee services for Special Needs Trusts, for Life Insurance Trusts and for small trusts that might be better served by a small office.  We bill our work on an hourly, and not on a percentage, basis. 

Income Tax Preparation


For current planning clients only, we offer individual income tax preparation services.  Generally, our  individual income tax return clients are retired and the primary relationship focus is on estate or elder law planning.  We do provide fiduciary return (both income and estate tax) return services.  If you need income tax assistance, ask for attorney Smilie Rogers.

Probate Litigation


We offer probate litigation assistance in matters, such as: conservatorships and guardianships; beneficiary and fiduciary representation in some contested estate and trust matters; and trust terminations and modification cases.  Please note that our litigation services are limited as our primary service area is planning.  If we are unable to take your case, we may be able to provide you with a referral.

Video Conferencing


Our office is equipped for video conferencing  as well as with Amazon's Echo Display and Spot, so we are always visibly accessible. Our video conference services allow us to meet in real time with clients as well as with their family members, care givers or advisors during a single office meeting.   

Annual Checkup Service


We offer a number of options to annualize your estate planning or life care planning needs, including an inexpensive annual report card service. This is an efficient way to keep us abreast of changes in your circumstances. 

Client Portal


We offer clients the option to have their estate planning documents uploaded to a secure online portal, so that they always have access to their estate planning documents.