Life Care Planning

Life Care Planning is Different

A life care plan integrates your legal, financial and care coordination needs under one roof. It is more than just elder law and estate planning alone as it also includes care coordination by a licensed social worker.  We are members of the  Life Care Planning Law Firms Association, which is a terrific resource for those that want to read more about Life Care Planning.

Customized Legal Care and Care Coordination

Often there is predicable progression to aging or a disability and the care journey would be more successful if it began long before a crisis arose. As elder law attorneys, we have developed a life care planning system to provide clients with customized solutions to their legal, financial and care coordination planning, including nursing home placement, needs.   Do you have a plan?  Relying on Medicare is not a plan - call us to find out why or read this AARP blog post.

You Need an Advocate

Caring for a loved one, or planning for your own care, can be overwhelming.  You need to understand the system, plan for the future, maintain dignity and quality of life and not lose everything in the process. You need an advocate. A life care plan combines legal care and care coordination, so you have that advocacy. 

Do you see the big picture? We do.

Stop and take a minute to try see the big picture.  How and when will your health fail?   Are you a fall risk?  Are you susceptible to elder exploitation?  Will your spouse be able to continue to maintain the same standard of living if you need nursing home care?   How will you pay for long term care?  Can you stay at home safely?  Does you spouse qualify for MaineCare?   Could they? 

There are so many issues to consider.  What do you see?  Our practice begins with the end in mind and tries to ensure a smooth transition from one stage of life to the next.  Our multifaceted life care planning practice is designed to  understand and manage, stage by stage, the risks and issues you face.  We believe that this process is superior to traditional estate planning and elder law practices.  We are proud to be the only firm in the state of Maine that has adopted this practice approach.

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Life Care Planning

Attorney Mary Kathryn Brennan talks about Life Care Planning.