Medicare Would Cover Dental, Vision, and Hearing Under Senate Democrats’ Spending Plan

The Senate Democrats’ proposal for a $3.5 trillion spending plan includes expanding Medicare to provide dental, vision, and hearing benefits. The proposal is now being negotiated in Congress.  Currently, Medicare does not offer much in the way of dental, vision, and hearing benefits. Medicare Part A will cover certain emergencies or necessary procedures that are […]

Medicare and Medicaid to Cover COVID-19 Testing

With coronavirus dominating news coverage and creating alarm, it is important to know that Medicare and Medicaid will cover tests for the virus. DHHS Announces a New Designation The Department of Health and Human Services has designated the test for the new strain of coronavirus (officially called “COVID-19”) an essential health benefit. This designation means […]

CMS Rings in the New Decade with Medicare Rate Hikes

Now that Medicare open enrollment is closed for another year and you have chosen your plan specifics, the next concern for most is how much more is it going to cost me. After a few years of small or no changes, costs are rising sharply in 2020. Medicare Part B premiums will increase by $9.10 […]

Medicare Open Enrollment Runs from October 15 to December 7 Annually!

According to the New York Times, few Medicare beneficiaries take advantage of open enrollment, but of those that do, nearly half cut their premiums by at least 5 percent. Even beneficiaries who have been satisfied with their plans in 2019 should review their choices for 2020, as both premiums and plan coverage can fluctuate from […]

Heads Up Medicare Beneficiaries- A New CMS Rule Could Impact Finding Home Health Care.

A rule change by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (aka CMS) is coming- and it will impact how home healthcare providers will receive reimbursement. This rule could, inadvertently, affect patient care as well. Beginning in January 2020, Medicare will reimburse home health agencies at a lower rate when they care for patients who […]

Want to Know What Services are Covered by Medicare? There's an App for That!

Medicare has an app called “What’s Covered” that is available in the App Store for IOS or Google Play for Android for free. The “What’s Covered” app allows you to search or browse to learn what’s covered and not covered under Medicare Parts A and B, how and when to get covered benefits, basic cost […]

Demystifying Medicare's Hospice Benefit

Medicare’s hospice benefit covers any care that is reasonable and necessary for easing the course of a terminal illness. It is one of Medicare’s most comprehensive benefits and can be extremely helpful to both the terminally ill individual and his or her family, but it is little understood and underutilized. Understanding what is offered ahead […]

Medicare's Differing Coverage of Post Hospital Care

You became ill. You were admitted to the hospital and it is in your best interest to receive further care at an IRF or “Inpatient rehabilitative Facility” or an SNF or “Skilled Nursing Facility”. It is important to understand the difference between the two as what they can offer for care as well as what […]

Choosing a Medigap Policy Within Six Months of Enrolling in Medicare is Crucial

The big focus on someone’s mind when they turn 65, besides impending retirement, is enrolling in Medicare. This is the important first step but just as equally important is making the decision about which secondary policy to choose to cover what Medicare doesn’t as well as making sure you do so within six months of […]