A Modest Raise for Nursing Home Workers Could Save 15,000 Lives a Year: Study

Ruffini found that raising the minimum wage reduced turnover and increased tenure among nursing assistants. This greater continuity of care, she says, translated into improved health and safety conditions for the patients. At the same time, nursing home profits held steady because the extra costs were passed on in the form of higher fees.

How to Choose the Right Home Care Provider

Aging in place is the goal; wanting to stay in our homes as long as possible is the quintessential decision one can make. One of the hardest choices to make is selecting the appropriate in-home provider for your loved one and yourself. There are many criteria from which to choose. The first would be what […]

Be Wary of the "Responsible Party" Wording in a Nursing Home Agreement!

While federal regulations prevent nursing homes from requiring a third party to be personally liable as a condition of admission, “responsible party” isn’t always clearly denied and can have costly implications if taken in the wrong context. Generally, the responsible parties’ role is to make sure that the nursing home bill is paid by the […]

Details Matter When It Comes to Dealing With Long-Term Care Insurers

Let’s face it- we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Some of us are more detailed orientated than others. Most of the time, we can scrape by not having to pay attention to seemingly minute details but other times the price you may pay for letting the little things slide could be steep just as […]

What Are the Best, and Worst, States When It Comes to Nursing Home Quality?

When it comes time to find a nursing facility for a loved one, the quality of care is of the utmost importance. The whole process is daunting. Everyone involved in making the decision has to balance an array of considerations; from location to cost to quality and where their loved one feels the most comfortable. […]

Is Placing a Camera in a Nursing Home Room Legal?

Nowadays, we are under surveillance everywhere we go, whether we realize it or not. Cameras being in public places such as stores is nothing new to us, but with the advancement of mobile phones, now almost every single person walking the streets has the ability to take a picture, record, or video anyone with or […]