New Rental Assistance Rule May Open Benefits to More Seniors

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has published a final rule simplifying and expanding its rental subsidy program for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The new rule, Effective September 30, 2024, will likely allow more people to qualify for SSI. In addition, some current SSI recipients may see an increase in their monthly benefit amount. The rule […]

Medicare’s Hospice Benefit: Little Known, Little Used

Coping with a terminal illness can be a difficult enough experience without having to worry about pain management, medication costs, and assistance with caregiving. Surprisingly, many Medicare beneficiaries are unaware that Medicare’s all-inclusive Hospice Benefit is available to assist dying patients and their families with these issues at the end of life. The hospice benefit […]

Promoting Healthy Aging During Financial Literacy Month

         April marks Financial Literacy Month, an excellent time to improve your financial literacy. Gaining financial savvy can help you handle the challenges and complexities of aging. Although sometimes overlooked, financial literacy is a critical component of aging well. It promotes economic freedom, helping you afford care and housing as you age. Understanding money matters also […]

Seniors and Caregivers: Establish an Emergency Action Plan

For seniors and their caregivers, having a plan in place should an emergency strike can provide some peace of mind in a turbulent world. A crisis, such as illness, trauma, natural disaster, or any other unexpected adverse event, may one day require you to act quickly and decisively. Thinking and adapting can be particularly difficult […]

The Loneliness Epidemic: Helping Seniors Stay Connected

         In recent years, researchers have been finding potential links between feelings of loneliness and adverse health outcomes. Feeling lonely may put you at greater risk of premature death, serious health problems, and higher suicide rates. For many, the COVID-19 pandemic made social isolation even more difficult to avoid. In 2023, the United States Surgeon General, […]

HUD Housing Programs That Support Aging in Place

         Ninety-three percent of adults 55 and older want to remain in their homes as they age, according to U.S. News & World Report. “Aging in place” involves growing old comfortably and safely in one’s dwelling. As adults age, they may want to remain in their homes and communities for several reasons. For one, remaining in one’s […]

A Patient Advocate Can Support Your Health Care Journey

         More than 70 percent of adults in the U.S. report being dissatisfied with the health care system, according to TIME Magazine. Navigating the medical services network can be stressful and overwhelming, particularly for older adults facing increasingly complex health needs. The American Psychological Association reports that distress is common following a diagnosis. Those experiencing additional stressful life […]

How the Housing Crisis Affects Older Adults

         Americans are not only living longer, but the number of people aged 65 and older is also growing. It’s a trend that will continue over the next decade. Longevity among seniors raises major questions, including how aging people will be able to continue to afford housing and receive support in their later years. A […]

Instacart to Help Older Adults Address Food Insecurity

According to a recent study published by Alignment Health, there are three major issues that affect the quality of life for older Americans: To help address the issue of food insecurity, grocery delivery company Instacart will be rolling out new support services dedicated to seniors in 2024. What Is Food Insecurity? According to the United States Department of […]

Trips for Seniors: Travel Tips for You and Your Companions

         Age should never be a barrier to enjoying travel. Retired people may prefer to embark on a journey with their loved ones or hire travel companions to assist them during their trip. Whether you’re a senior or a trip companion for an older adult, follow these six travel recommendations to make your adventures memorable. 6 […]